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Happy Feet aka Bước Chân Vui would like to share with you a very interesting and exotic travel destination, Turkey! This country offers many unique and exciting things for travelers to discover from distinctive culture, affluent art to rich history and marvelous architecture; thus, it is a desirable destination. Let’s explore this fascinating place together with AV Travel, shall we? https://avtravel.com/tour/turkey-jordan-israel/

Turkey is a culturally diverse country with a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. One of the fun and memorable things that I experienced while traveling in Turkey was the afternoon tea party. I loved their colorful cafes, restaurants and sweet pastries that couple wonderfully with tea. A Turkish tea party is not just a lifestyle. It’s a traditional cultural practice that fosters unity and bonding between family members and friends.

Once you’ve stepped foot in Turkey, you’ll discover historical sites of many ancient cities such as Ephesus, Çatalhöyük, Troya Ruins, and Aphrodisias Ancient City. One of the most popular destinations is Hagia Sophia (The Church of Holy Wisdom), the masterpiece of Byzantine architecture built in the 6th century. The design of the mosque is perfectly symmetrical, with a great center dome buttressed by four semi domes and surrounded by a number of smaller domes.

Sabasteion Temple in Aphrodisias

Turkey has many beautiful tourist destinations from the coast to the mountains. Famous tourist spots include Pamukkale, a resort famous for its hot mineral water pools, and Cappadocia, a volcanic rock region with unique houses carved into the rocks. If you love adventure, visit the Bosporus Strait, a narrow waterway dividing Europe and Asia, where you can enjoy the exciting experience of cruising along the waterway and admiring unequivocal historical buildings and magnificent landscapes.

Bosporus Strait

It would be a huge mistake not to mention Turkish cuisine. One of the most famous dishes is döner kebab, prepared with lamb or beef, roasted and sliced into thin strips. You can find döner kebab everywhere from street vendors to upscale restaurants. If you have a sweet-tooth like me, baklava pastry is a must try. It originated from Turkey with many layers of phyllo dough stacked on top of each other and alternating with fillings of pistachio or hazelnut and topped with syrup or honey. So yummy!

Visit Turkey with AV Travel so you can have wonderful cultural, historical, and culinary experience. AV Travel. Memories that last a lifetime! https://avtravel.com/tour/turkey-jordan-israel/