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15 Days
Availability :
Apr 26 - May 10, 2020
Los Angeles Airport. If you prefer to depart from a different airport, please contact us for details and airfares


Beijing – Guilin – Xian – Suzhou – Hangzhou  – Shanghai

Tour: Apr 26 – May 10, 2020         Tour Price: $3,295  +  Tax

Inclusive of international airfares

AV Travel Tour Leader will escort you throughout the trip

The Great Wall in the sunshine, Beijing


Day 01: Los Angeles

Check in at Los Angeles Airport (LAX). Depart for Beijing, China. An AV Travel tour leader will assist and escort tour members throughout the trip.

Day 02: The Pacific Ocean

Fly across the Pacific Ocean.

Day 03: Beijing

Beijing is filled with spots of historical importance, from the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, to old mansions, religious shrines & traditional hutong alleyways. Classical architecture is gracefully blended with modern structures. The old and new live together in peaceful harmony. More importance is placed on greenery and parks, trees, and flowers beautify the city. (L/D)

Day 04: Temple Of Heaven - Forbidden City - Summer Palace

Begin to visit Beijing with the Temple Of Heaven was the place where the Emperor of the Ming and Qing dynasties would worship heaven and pray for good harvests. Built first in 1420, and then expanded and reconstructed, the Temple of Heaven is a precious example of China ‘s ancient architectural art and the largest architectural structure for worshipping heaven in the world.

Located in the center of Beijing, the Forbidden City, regarded as a must-see spot for travelers, is a magnificent and awe-inspiring sight. For almost five centuries, it served as the home of 24 Emperors and their households, and the ceremonial and political center of the Chinese imperial government. A poet of Tang Dynasty once wrote that: Without seeing the magnificence of the royal palace, one can never sense the dignity of the emperor. In December 1998, UNESCO included the Summer Palace on its World Heritage t. It declared the Summer Palace an “outstanding expression of the creative art of Chinese landscape garden design, incorporating the works of humankind and nature in a harmonious whole.”

With its handsome building, pretty scenery, and tumultuous history, the Summer Palace is a wonderful place to explore. As long ago as the Yuan dynasty, officials set up their private gardens in the scenic area, but the Summer Palace didn’t take on its present appearance until the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty. He deepened the park ‘s manmade lake and added buildings to serve as a “country home” for his mother, though it would be the Empress Dowager Cixi who would have the biggest impact on the palace ‘s appearance. (B/L/D)

Day 05: Badaling Great Wall - “Bird Nest” - Peking Duck

Morning cable car takes you to the Badaling Great Wall, is considered the most beautiful section in Beijing. The whole area is like a garden on a mountaintop. There are abundant natural springs which feed a great variety of plants and fruit trees, keeping the air fresh all year long. The scenery is especially beautiful in the spring and autumn.

You will learn, touch, and explore the history of a wall built over 300 years ago, yet which remains largely intact as it snakes endlessly across the mountain ridgelines. The Great Wall snakes its way thousands of miles across Northern China and is one of the few objects on the earth visible even from the moon. Outward appearance of National Stadium “Bird Nest” and Aquatics Center. Enjoy a special dinner with Peking Duck. (B/L/D)

Day 06: Xian

Fly to Xian, the cradle of Chinese civilization and the center of prehistory culture. As it’s the capital of 13 ancient dynasties in China, which could date back to 1200 years ago, and the starting point of the Silk Road, Xi’an is blessed with numerous marvelous historical and cultural relics. It is honored as the World Historic City by the UNESCO in 1981. (B/L/D)

Day 07: Terracotta Army - Tang Dinner & Show

Begin your day with a visit Terracotta Army (also named Terracotta Warriors) the underworld army of Emperor Qin Shihuang (the first unifier of China, 259BC-210BC), Emperor Qin Shihuang undertook gigantic projects in order to consolidate his power and country like the first version of the Great Wall. Terracotta Army was built at the centre of a complex designed to mirror the urban plan of Xianyang (capital of Qin Dynasty) for conquering the afterlife. The terracotta warriors were unearthed 5 m (16.4 ft) beneath the surface and about 4 km (2.5 mi) east of his mausoleum by a team of well diggers in 1974. The army is the masterpieces of realism and comprises different branches of the armed force, chariots, horses as well as their weapons. The Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor including the Terracotta Warriors Museum has been listed as the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987.

Many cities in China once had massive defensive walls to thwart invading armies. Among the few city walls that remain, the one of Xi’an is undoubtedly the most impressive and photogenic. Meanwhile, 600-year-old Xi’an City Wall also is one of the largest well-preserved ancient military defensive systems in the world.

For travelers, you can not complete the real highlights of your Xian tour without joining the dinner show to discover the rich heritage of China’s Tang Dynasty – the Tang Dynasty Dinner Show – which is a thrilling cultural banquet, definitely nourishing your nightlife in Xi’an. Enjoy a Tang dinner & Show. (B/L/D)

Day 08: Guilin

Fly to Guilin, one of the most celebrated tourist cities in China, never fails to convince people that it is blessed with all the merits to top the list of must-visit cities for every traveler around. The whole city of Guilin is an immense exhibition of unbelievable work of nature. Through millions of years of mighty karstification, the main attractions on which we can fully feast our eyes have been created to light up the world. (B/L/D)

Day 09: Li River Cruise - Reed Flute Cave

In the morning, take the Li River Cruise to enjoy the beauty of the fabulous scenery. Cruising down the river, you will encounter breathtaking views of fantastic peaks of all shapes and sizes, green hills, and bamboo groves. Even better, you can see these awesome sights reflected from the crystal clear water.

Visit Reed Flute Cave, which gets its name from a reed growing near the entrance of the cave that is used to make flutes. Inside the cave are a large number of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtains, and stone flowers. These glisten in a broad array of colorful lights, providing a truly splendid view. (B/L/D)

Day 10: Hangzhou

We will fly to Hangzhou, was described as ‘the most beautiful and elegant city in the world’. The heavenly beauty of West Lake & the many historical and cultural sites surrounding. (B/L/D)

Day 11: West Lake - Meijiawu Tea Plantation - Lingyin Temple

Take a cruise tour to enjoy the magnificent view of the West Lake. Visit Meijiawu Tea Plantation, Flowery Port Park. Then visit the Lingyin Temple, it is the most influential temple in South China, and is regarded as one of the 10 famous Buddhist temples. (B/L/D)

Day 12: Suzhou - Humble Administrator's - Master of Nets

In the morning, you will drive to Suzhou, known as the “Venice of the East” today. Visit The Humble Administrator’s Garden, the largest garden in Suzhou and is generally considered to be the finest garden in all of southern, was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Continue to visit the Garden of the Master of Nets, one of the smallest, yet considered one of the best designed & most elegant of the private gardens still extant. (B/L/D)

Day 13: Shanghai - Acrobatic Show

Enjoy a day cruise around Shanghai and see one of Asia’s most progressive cities. A cruise on Huang River gives you another way to see the Bund, the cultural district along the river. Visit the Yu Garden at the Old Quarter. It was built by the Pan family in the Ming Dynasty. It has been restored & become one of the most popular tourist sights in city. The tour continue take you to the Shanghai old town, a great place to stock up on souvenirs, whilst getting a glimpse of traditional life. Enjoy the acrobatic show. (B/L/D)

Day 14: Huangpu River - Shanghai

Enjoy your own time to see Huangpu River is not only the mother river of Shanghai, which divides the city into the east and west part, but also assembles the splendid tourist attractions of the city. Situated on the east bank of the Huangpu River, the Bund is the symbol of Shanghai. Assembling the highlights of Shanghai, The Central Shanghai Hotel 5 stars, conveniently located in shopping district & adjacent to the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall, it will bring you enough convenience for your free time, catering, entertainment & shopping. When strolling along the bustling Nanjing Road, you will be fascinated by the world-famous brands, local specialties. Here, you could purchase everything you want, spanning from special and cheap souvenirs of Shanghai to the luxurious world famous brands. (B/D)

Day 15: Shanghai - Los Angeles

Enjoy your free time this morning then transfer to the airport for your return flight to Los Angeles. (B)


Departure & Return

  • Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
  • If you prefer to depart from a different airport, please contact us for details and airfares

Tour Includes

  • International roundtrip ticket departure from Los Angeles or San Francisco   
  • 4-5-star hotels in convenient locations (Dual occupancy rooms. A surcharge of $890 is added to single rooms)
  • Deluxe coach between cities
  • Daily meals as described in the itinerary (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
  • International travel insurance.                    
  • Cable ride to Badaling (part of the Great Wall).
  • A dinner with Peking duck in Beijing        
  • Xian Dinner + Show at Tang Palace & Shanghai Acrobatic show

Terms & Agreements

  • A deposit of $300 per person is required
  • The final payment is due 45 days prior to departure
  • A full payment is required in booking within 45 days prior to departure
  • Tour fare does not include: China visa fee; Gratuity to driver & tour guide; Porterage at hotel & Personal expenses
  • Tour participants are required to have a passport valid for at least 6 months before the return date 
  • It is the responsibility of the tour participants to submit valid and proper travel documentation. Non-U.S. citizens should check for visa requirements
  • For tour participants aged over 70, a $50 surcharge is added to cover additional health insurance