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Summer is the ideal time for you and your family to choose Central Europe as one of your vacation destinations. Central Europe includes many large, ancient, beautiful countries with a history throughout many centuries. AV Travel has chosen Central Europe, Western Europe and Eastern Europe as must have tours based on popular demands. Included in of the tours, there’s a city that cannot be missed, which is Milan.

Milan – the commercial, financial and fashion capital of Italy. The Basilica of the Duomo, 15th century castle of Castello Sforzesco, the Royal Palace, the La Scala theater put the city’s architecture on world’s map. I’m recounting my “happy feet”, my experience in Milan and reciting new things that I’ve experienced when I visited Milan some years ago, hoping that you, too, will put on your adventure hat and experience Milan’s vibrant culture the same way or perhaps, more exciting.

The Royal Palace

If you’re traveling with AV Travel, you probably don’t need a Milano Card, which is a tourist card with many incentives such as transportation services and a chance to visiting historic places which are included as part of the city tour. If you have a little time to go shopping, eat, and enjoy a play, an opera or a musical performance at the theater, the Milano Card can provide discount prices. The card includes free buses, subways, discount tickets to the museums, theaters, shopping, meals at many food courts, and souvenirs. Milano Cards can be purchased and used within 24 to 72 hours, depends on your stay.

MUDEC – The Museum of Middle Eastern Culture, which showcases diverse cultural collections of the Middle East. This museum is not only a place that preserves and displays precious works of art, but also serves as a center of cultural exchange between countries.

Milan is a place that houses new creations; it also introduces and features some of the world’s most renowned art exhibitions of modern time, “Van Gogh Alive – The Experience ”. Here, you can be immersed in the artworks of Vincent van Gogh through multi-dimensional light and sound technology.

Milan is a city has many interesting activities, especially in the summer. Be sure to check out the Central Europe tour departing from August 5 to August 19, 2023. Don’t be surprised if you’ll stumble across different types of music and art performances on the sidewalks, city squares, and parks. Milan is also known as the Europe’s leading Electronic Music Festival called The Social Music City.

Sport fans! Milan also has many famous stadiums such as Giuseppe Meazza – home of famous football teams, the Inter Milan and AC Milan, along with the Mediolanum Forum where many international sports and music events take place. Just make to check out the local calendar and reserve tickets as they are quickly sold out.

Giuseppe Meazza Stadium

Discover Local Cuisine
Milan is not only a destination for fashion and art enthusiasts but also a place to experience the distinctive cuisine of this region with traditional dishes such as Risotto alla Milanese, Ossobuco alla Milanese, and flavorful Cassoeula, which is a true taste of Northern Italy cuisine.

Ossobuco alla Milanese

Stop by cafes and bars to taste and smell a variety of coffee aromas and flavors. You can enjoy the city’s best coffee at famous cafes like Pasticceria Cova or Caffè Camparino. If you prefer cocktail drinks, stop by the famous bar Nottingham Forest.

Milan also has many unique spots for you to explore regardless of your age, taste and life style preferences. At night, you can spot many young people taking the Milan Night Tour via bicycles through the city’s glittering streets and squares. One of their many stops is the Milan Street Food Tour.

Milan is a city with many new and exciting things waiting for you. If you have never set foot in this land or have visited and wanted to return to reminisce the local culture, architecture, art and cuisine, schedule your trip today and discover Milan through the help of AV Travel. Memories that last a lifetime are guaranteed! https://avtravel.com/en/tour/trung-au-2/