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Welcome, AV travelers, to a splendid and romantic voyage through the rich history and captivating beauty of Taiwan! If you’re drawn to the allure of natural wonders intertwined with age-old folklore, then Sun Moon Lake is destined to set your heart aflutter. Prepare to embark on a journey that will not only pique your curiosity but also unforgettable experiences.


Sun Moon Lake: Taiwan’s Exquisite Jewel
Let’s embark on our voyage with a simple query: Have you ever envisioned a mythical realm cradled amidst verdant fields and regal mountains in Taiwan? If not, the resplendent Sun Moon Lake is poised to sweep you off your feet.

Sun Moon Lake: The Enigmatic Oasis
Serenely nestled in Nantou County, at the heart of Central Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake reigns as the largest natural lake in this island nation. At an elevation of 748 meters above sea level and a sprawling surface area of 8 square kilometers, it stands as a natural marvel shrouded in an air of mystery. The lake’s depths fluctuate mysteriously, descending to a profound 27 meters at its nadir.

But why bear the name Sun Moon, you may ask? When observed from the western vantage point, it resembles a crescent moon, while from the east, it takes on the shape of the sun. This celestial dualism adds an extra layer of enchantment to the “Sun – Moon convergence” and begets its enigmatic nomenclature.

Classical Chinese Architectural Grandeur
Yet, Sun Moon Lake is not just a tapestry of mystique; it also boasts classical Chinese architecture that is nothing short of bewitching. Let us delve into the realm of these exquisite structures:

Tzu-En Pagoda: The Soul of Sun Moon Lake
Tzu-En Pagoda, soaring nine stories tall atop a mountain, stands as a quintessential representation of Chinese architectural grandeur. Challenge your spirit with a climb to its zenith and relish a surreal vista of Sun Moon Lake. The scenery, an amalgamation of lush foliage, blooming flora, and ethereal water reflections, conjures an unforgettable allure.

Unique Experiences at Sun Moon Lake
• Biking Around the Lake Biking is an exquisite means to traverse the lakeside and revel in its natural splendor. Sun Moon Lake has earned a place on CNN Travel’s list of the top 10 most enchanting cycling destinations worldwide. Choose the bicycle that suits your fancy and immerse yourself in the freedom of nature.
• Cable Car Ride for a Panoramic Vista For those yearning to admire Sun Moon Lake from on high, the cable car offers an unparalleled experience. It whisks you above the lake, presenting breathtaking vistas that will etch themselves into your memory forever. The 30-minute sojourn feels akin to soaring above a majestic natural wonderland.
• Exploring Indigenous Culture For a profound understanding of Taiwan’s culture, a visit to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is a must. This amusement park provides a fun yet educational experience, allowing you to delve deeper into the world of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples through traditional activities and unique art exhibitions.

Plan Your Sojourn Today!
If you are contemplating a sojourn to Taiwan, ensure that Sun Moon Lake graces your itinerary. This locale is not just a facet of resplendent nature; it is a realm teeming with history, culture, and mystique. Rest assured, every moment spent at Sun Moon Lake will etch an indelible mark upon your soul.

So, commence planning your itinerary today, and get ready for a voyage with AV Travel that will linger in your memory – an adventure in the embrace of Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan! This is a journey to savor for eternity.