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AV Travel Tour Group has embarked on a journey to explore Madrid – the lively capital of Spain. With 40-50 million visitors each year, Madrid is not only a major tourist destination but also a city brimming with fascinating and unforgettable experiences. Join me on this exciting adventure!

1. Showcasing the Vibrancy of Madrid

Madrid – a city where vitality flows in the air. The moment you step foot into this vibrant metropolis, you’ll feel the pulsating energy from every corner. Plaza Mayor, a grand square adorned with beautiful architecture and spacious surroundings, is where visitors come to immerse themselves in the vibrant urban life. Sit back with a cup of coffee at a café lining the square and observe life unfold through the myriad of small stories.

Plaza Mayor

2. Prado Museum – The Great Art Treasury

For art lovers, a visit to the Prado Museum is an absolute must. Housing an exceptional collection of artworks by renowned painters such as Velázquez, Goya, and Picasso, the museum transports you into the world of great artistry. Stroll from one room to another, marvel at the breathtaking paintings, and immerse yourself in the emotions they evoke. The Prado Museum is not just a destination for art, but a journey for the soul.

Prado Museum

3. Royal Palace of Madrid – The Grandeur of Royalty

Palacio Real, the Royal Palace of Madrid, stands as one of the most impressive landmarks in the city. With its grand architecture and opulent spaces, this palace takes you back to the era of Spanish royalty. Take a leisurely stroll through the regal chambers, admire the exquisite artworks, and envision the lavish lives of kings and queens. The dazzling splendor and majesty of Spanish royalty will leave you in awe.

Royal Palace of Madrid

4. Culinary Delights – A Feast for the Senses

What makes Madrid a gastronomic paradise? It’s the diversity and unique flavors of local delicacies. You cannot miss out on indulging in bocadillo, a delectable sandwich filled with flavorful ingredients and toasted to perfection. Or venture into the world of paella, a famous Spanish dish combining rice and fresh seafood. With traditional tapas bars and innovative culinary creations, Madrid will enchant your taste buds.


Madrid – a city with a vibrant soul and delightful surprises. From lively squares to remarkable museums and exceptional cuisine, this city incessantly invites travelers from around the world. Plan your journey and explore Madrid, where life is truly lived and the heart of Spain beats with every pulse.

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