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Cologne, Germany – a large city in West Germany, located on the banks of the Rhine, a place where many travelers made their stop and marveled at the beauty this town has to offer.

With a history of more than 2000 years, Cologne is a city of rich culture and unique architecture. Their popular attractions in the city include St. Peter and St. Mary, built in the 13th century with beautiful Gothic architecture and that are second to none. Don’t forget to visit the palace of Cologne; it’s truly a masterpiece of architecture with deep history. Other popular tourist attractions are the Kolner Dom, one of the largest churches in the world, and the Ludwig Museum of Art, with its worthwhile collection of modern and contemporary art.

Karneval festival

Cologne is also home to Karneval! It is one of Europe’s biggest festivals that is always decoreated colorful street and versatile costumes in Europe. The festival is held every year in the winter and lasted for 6 days. Visitors to Cologne at this time will be able to participate in extremely vibrant activities such as street parades, art performances, and local dishes and drinks typical of the festival. Happy Feet was once “got drunk” not only on the delicious beers of this place but also “stunned” by the beautiful colors, sounds, and lights of the traditional Karneval.

Cologne also has very beautiful old quarters such as the old town of Altstadt-Nord with elegant narrowed streets, wooden houses and old bridges stretching over the Rhine. If you like to shop, you’ve found your ideal shopping destination because Cologne is also known as a shopping capital with many department stores, fashion boutiques and famous brands.

Cologne is a tourist destination worth exploring in West Germany with unique architecture, diverse culture, vibrant festivals located in the heart of western Germany. With a rich history and diverse culture, and unique architecture, Cologne is an attractive destination for travelers who are looking to explore German culture.

Kolner church

Cologne is a must-see destination in Germany because you’ll have fun as AV’s motto “Memories that last a lifetime!”.

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