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Hello AV Travel readers! Let’s explore all the fantastic destinations of Malacca, Malaysia! Known for its rich history, unique architecture, and diverse culture, Malacca will be one of the best destinations for travel enthusiasts. https://avtravel.com/tour/asia-summer-luxury-highlights-3-2/

1. A Famosa Fort – A relic from the 16th century

A Famosa Fort

Famosa Fort was built in the 16th century by the Portuguese, this fort has witnessed many important events in Malaysian history. Today, A Famosa Fort still stands as a relic from the past and connects with the future of Malacca.

2. Melaka River – A mesmerizing beautiful waterway

Melaka River

If you want to relax and enjoy the beauty of Malacca, take a trip on the Melaka River. This is one of the most beautiful waterways in Malaysia, where you can admire the ancient architecture of the city from an angle that is not being viewed by many.

3. Jonker Street – A place to shop and enjoy local cuisine

If you are a foodie person and shop-until-you drop person, then you must not miss Jonker Street. This is one of the most famous streets in Malacca, where you can enjoy local cuisine and shop for unique handicrafts.

4. Kampung Kling Mosque – A legendary temple

Don’t forget to visit the Kampung Kling temple that was built in the 18th century that reflects both India and the Middle East architecture. It’s its unique architecture that brings the attention to visitors worldwide.

5. Maritime Museum – An adventure on the sea

Maritime Museum

If you want to experience a sea adventure, then the Maritime Museum is the perfect destination for you. The museum is designed like an ancient sailing ship, where you can relive the history and culture of the maritime industry in Malacca.

6. Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum – A trip back to ancient Malacca

The Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum is an ancient palace where you can learn about the history of the Malacca Empire with diverse, detailed exhibitions and artifacts.

7. Malacca Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary – A place to connect with nature

If you love nature and want to learn about the diversity of butterfly and reptile species, then Malacca Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary where over 20 species of butterflies, reptile species are housed will not disappoint you.

If Asia is your next vacation destination, then a trip to Malaysia is a must! Check out this summer luxury tour from AV Travel https://avtravel.com/tour/asia-summer-luxury-highlights-3-2/